Reduce Ski Area Reservoir Water Evaporation Costs

Ski Areas Can Drastically Reduce Water Evaporation Costs, Using Conservation Balls as a Floating Cover for Reservoirs

There’s a thin line between a Ski Area losing reservoir water through evaporation and saving money. That line consists of plastic conservation balls that provide a floating cover for reservoirs and reduces water evaporation up to 90%.


Savings start immediately the balls are installed by reducing the water surface area that is open to the elements.


The conservation balls remain in the Ski Area reservoir year round and are manufactured to withstand winter freeze and winds of up to 100 m.p.h., important feature in mountain environments.


Click here to see how Mt Baldy Ski Lifts in Southern California installed our conservation balls and started saving $10,000 a month on their water evaporation costs!
We are based in Glendora, Ca, with a manufacturing facility in Colton, Ca and our environmentally safe hollow plastic conservation balls are manufactured solely in the U.S.


Unlike other manufacturers, we do not manufacture toys and other products, instead we are dedicated solely to the research, development, manufacturing and delivering environmentally safe conservation balls.


We do two things and we do them both very well. We manufacture and deliver a product that drastically reduces water evaporation up to 90% in reservoirs, and we save money for Ski Areas and other reservoir owners and operators.


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